Wooden garden rooms

A garden room can serve a multitude of purposes, from being a civilised space for entertaining, to a haven of solitude for writing and other creative pursuits. Wooden garden rooms can blend into their natural surroundings, whether it’s the bottom of a small city garden or a secluded corner of a more sprawling outdoor space.

They can be traditional and elegantly shaped, or boxy and modern, depending on the style of garden in which they live. And of course, they can (and should) keep eco-friendliness in mind, using sustainable materials and innovative insulation. We’ve gathered our favourite wooden garden rooms below, and if you’re lucky, you won’t even need planning permission.

Lugarde has more than just traditional garden sheds on offer. When crafting our wooden garden shed designs, we always take into consideration our customers’ differing tastes and styles. Aside from apex wooden sheds and pent wooden sheds that are rather common place, we have a huge range of unique and contemporary wooden garden buildings that will make your everyday gardening works and storing needs met to a T.

Our buildings are manufactured by skilled craftsmen with the outstanding experience needed to build robust and superior-strength shed products to withstand UK’s extreme weather conditions. Our products are made to do the job and fit anyone’s budget as they are delivered free and direct to your home.

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